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Recently I have been noticing more and more television shows and web articles mentioning the use of the homemade cleaning products. Because of my craziness about cleaning, this really piqued my interest. After a little research, I began to realize that all of the products I see at the store (a different product for every different surface, floor and person in the house) were a huge excess and not necessarily necessary. I checked under my sink and noticed that I am guilty of the excess. I have everything from two types of glass cleaner to three types of bathroom cleaner. Why?

White Vinegar

White VinegarSo I decided to make the switch and produce my own cleaning products. With my main cleaning item running out, I decided to wait until it was finished. That day came about a two weeks ago. Off to the store I went to gather some supplies (baking soda, white vinegar and a spray bottle). I could have used the empty bottle from my just finished product in order to make my home brew, but I decided to buy one with measurements across the side. My main recipe came from the organizedhome.com site. I mixed equal parts water and white vinegar and away to the bathroom I went.

This homemade cleaner performed well. I was quite surprised to see that it cleaned just as well as my store bought mass-produced cleaner, and it smelled better (I like the smell of vinegar. Who doesn’t?) This smell went away once the cleaner dried but left behind an awesomely clean bathroom.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda
My next challenge was something I have been trying to clean for years. The bottom of my tub. I used cleaners on it and scrubbed and scrubbed but I never seemed to come clean. After reading on the Clean & Green site that baking soda works as an all-purpose cleaner I decided to give it a try. I tossed some white powder out of the familiar orange box, added some water and went to scrubbing with a sponge. In about 10 seconds, I noticed the once white powder was beginning to become darker. The bottom of the tub was actually becoming clean. After rinsing with the shower head, I had to take a step back and admire a job well done.

From now on, I will be checking the above two sites for more natural cleaning recipes to conquer my household product needs.

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  1. Nice job Matt. I might be able to use some of these tips soon when I move into the new place — might help in having it keep that ‘new’ feeling.

    Illustrating your posts seems to be a good idea which I, unlike you, am guilty of not following.

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