iPhone google exchange “Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed”

Last week my Google exchange account (mail, calendars and contacts) stopped updating. I was getting the dreaded “Cannot Get Mail – The connection to the server failed” message and the last sync date was stuck at a time from days ago. My account worked when I added the gmail account with the “add gmail account” feature in the iPhone settings but not with the exchange. I had a co-worker add his Google exchange account to my phone and it worked. I began to think it was a problem with my Google account. I tried everything to get it working:

Every time I saw a new post that guaranteed a fix, my hopes were raised then crushed when it failed to work for me. So I am writing this post to get YOUR hopes up with a fix that finally worked for my situation.

Right before I began experiencing the issues I made some updates to whatย  I was syncing and one them was adding my Remember the Milk (RTM) calendar subscription t o my http://m.google.com/sync page. This was apparently the culprit. I didn’t use the public address the iPhone needed, I was using the main private feed with my username. Once I went into the sync page and disabled all the calendars except the main one, the account started syncing mail, contacts and calendars again. After reactivating the other calendars I noticed it was the RTM calendar that was causing the issue.

I ended up needing to subscribe to the RTM calendar via the iPhone directly in order for it finally work. So if you are experiencing issues with the Google Exchange account on your iPhone, try removing some calendar subscriptions and see if helps you.

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  1. Same problem, removed all the suscriptions and still not working, I can no longer check my mail on my iphone. Any other ideas?

  2. What other methods have you tried? The one thing I would suggest would be to add your gmail account to your phone by using the “gmail” method instead of the “exchange” method. Does that work for you? This will rule out any issues with your gmail account.

    Have you tried adding someone else’s exchange account that you know works? This will rule out and weird settings on your phone causing the issue.

    Finally have you tried only syncing mail and not contacts or calendar? Does that work for you? If it does, then you can turn on the other sync features one-by-one and see if you can find out what is causing it to stop working.

  3. I tried this and had no luck. I was able to log in using Gmail method but not the Exchange method. But I need my contacts to appear on my iPhone and Exchange is the only way to do this. I tried unchecking the calendars but that doesn’t fix it. The last time I synced successfully was the day after putting a new task in Reminders for iOS5… I’m thinking this has caused the issue. I used location based reminders for the first time. So similar to RTM I’m guessing this is the issue. Any other ideas? I can’t find the task that were synced to delete them via Gmail…

  4. The idea to disable the calendars worked for me. Your solution triggered for me that I had synced my calendars to a calender from a group on Shutterfly right before all my connection issues started happening. I disabled all my calendars and then I was able to get my email again. Thank you!

  5. Nothing of the above worked ๐Ÿ™
    I found a workaround thou. The only reason to keep the “exchange” type of account was to sync my “contacts”. Turns out that unlike my emails, they sync just fine, so here is what I did:
    – On the Exchange account turn off all except “Contacts”
    – Add a Gmail type account and sync all (Mail, Calendar and Notes)
    Mails started pouring down into my inbox ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now for the Contacts part, I tested adding and deleting a contact using the web and the iPhone. they all worked fine and synced just fine.

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