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New Site Design

Okay, it has taken over a year but I think I have finalized a design for this site. Being a front-end web developer I was looking for a design that I could re-code and make my own. After searching many sites and harassing the designers at work, I finally found a starting point. It came in the form of a smashing magazine post about a new free wordpress theme.


It’s hard to pinpoint what attracted me to this particular design. Was it the grungy look, the colors, the new style footer or its overall uniqueness? Whatever it was, I decided to begin my long theme development journey with WordPress.Fun. Continue reading New Site Design

Transparent background PNG’s in IE: The only guide you need

I know this question has been around for a very long time but I am still seeing bookmarks and stories pop up around the web for ways of handling transparent PNG's in Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and below. After working with them for a long time now, I thought that I would post the best way that I have found to achieve transparent background images. This method is nothing new. It may be used in conjunction with a new way but the CSS has been around for a very long time. I wanted to focus on the background image. I see a lot more ways of dealing with an actual image in the page and not so much the background image. Continue reading Transparent background PNG’s in IE: The only guide you need

Rounded Corner Form Elements

One task I am being faced with more often when creating form elements is the use of rounded corners on text inputs, select boxes and text areas. One solution in dealing with this dilemma is just to crop out the round corner image from the concept file, give the form elements a border that matched the background color and place them into that area. This way may be the simplest answer to the problem but it is riddled with problems.

  1. When a user resizes the text, the box will not expand.
  2. You will need a new image for each different size of input you need.
  3. Absolute positioning (and the resulting extra CSS lines will need to be added) is the only sure way to line up the inputs inside the image

Continue reading Rounded Corner Form Elements